Welsh Senedd supports UBI trial

Posted on September 30, 2020

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Today the Welsh Parliament (Senedd) has debated a Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposal of Jack Sargeant (Alyn and Deeside)

To propose that the Senedd:
1. Notes:
a) the damage poverty does to life chances and that work is no longer a
guaranteed route out of poverty;
b) that the pandemic has forced more people into poverty with increasing
numbers of residents having to turn to charitable support like food banks;
c) that, even before the pandemic, UK growth was poor and we face the growing
challenge of automation, placing increasing numbers of jobs at risk;
d) that a universal basic income (UBI) gives people more control over their lives,
would alleviate poverty and have an accompanying positive affect on mental
e) that a UBI would create jobs and encourage people to access training
f) that a UBI allows people the space to become more involved in their community
and support their neighbours.

2. Calls on the Welsh Government:
a) to establish a UBI trial in Wales;
b) to lobby the UK Government for funding to establish a Wales-wide UBI.
Supported by
Adam Price
Alun Davies
Bethan Sayed
Dai Lloyd
Dawn Bowden
Helen Mary Jones
Huw Irranca-Davies
Jenny Rathbone
John Griffiths
Leanne Wood
Mick Antoniw
Mike Hedges
Rhianon Passmore
Sian Gwenllian

After an interesting and well informed discussion the Welsh Senedd supported the proposal with 28 members in favour 13 against 10 abstain. You can follow the recorded debate here . UBI is discussed from 16:27hrs to 17:22hrs and the vote recorded between 18:40-18:45hrs.

Thanks and congratulations to our UBI supporters in Wales!