September UBI updates and events

Posted on September 22, 2023

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Dear UBI Friends and Supporters,

You may be particularly interested in our next in-person event at the HEART in Headingley:

       How should UBI be framed, financed and delivered to make it a convincing tool for a just transition to a green society?

       We will discuss the presentation and explore what it means for framing, financing and  delivering UBI in the UK. Everybody is welcome. Please join us next Thursday!

The next BIEN Congress in 2024 will take place in Bath in the UK!

Please find below some more UBI events and updates:

NowThen magazine from Sheffield has reported about the event ‘Free film screening to explore impact of Universal Basic Income in Kenya’.

The film was first screened at the International Toronto Film Festival and a local news website Deadline reported ‘Toronto World Premiere: ‘Free Money’ Explores Whether A Nonprofit Charity Is “Playing God” With An Experiment In Universal Basic Income’.

You may be interested in a leadership change at GiveDirectly.

You can download and read his research ‘Time or money? The potential of participatory arts practice to challenge complex societal problems and imagine alternative futures’.

Toby recommends “Chapter 7 will be most relevant to most of you. In it I explore the limits of debate and the effectiveness of empirical data gathered from pilot studies and academic research when making an argument for UBI. I contrast this with how methods used in participatory arts practice (my own and others) can present the policy to participants in ways that resonate with their own lived experience, which can then help to circumnavigate ideological barriers and confirmation bias.”

        Prof. Dr. Almaz Zelleke (NYU Shanghai): “Toward a Gender-Inclusive Social Policy State” on 9 October 12.30-14hrs BST

Prof. Dr. Ben Trott: “A Queer Case for the Basic Income at Our Current Conjuncture: Political Philosophy, Individual Rights and De-Individualisation” on 10 October 13.30-15hrs BST.

You can register for the free conference as online participant and find the programme here.

Best wishes

reinhard on behalf of UBI Lab Leeds