2nd Update June

Posted on June 30, 2024

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Dear UBI Friends and Supporters,

We hope you have a good summer in Leeds or wherever you are. Please find below a request for pre-election action and several updates about UBI.

You click on ‘Send an Email to Candidates’  and the Action Network website ‘Support the call – Emailing GE candidates’ opens. You fill in your details in the ‘Support the call’ section on the right and you will receive an editable letter advocating for UBI which you can use to email your candidates.

To find the contact details of your candidates at ‘Who Can I Vote For?’, you type in your postcode at the bottom of the webpage or search the name of your constituency.

Many thanks for your support. Together we can advocate for UBI and start working towards making real change for everyone.

As mentioned in the previous update the Green Party has included Universal Basic Income in the Election Manifesto. You can download the different Manifesto versions here and find Basic Income on page 19 of the long manifesto version and page 23 of the short manifesto version. Scottish Greens pledge to introduce Universal Basic Income pilots in communities across Scotland.

Many candidates of the Yorkshire Party support Basic Income trials.

In Wales the Plaid Cymru party manifesto (https://www.partyof.wales/manifesto/ ) states ‘Plaid Cymru support the principle of a universal basic income and will support pilots’. In Wales, there has been a universal basic income pilot with care leavers, and we await the findings of that project’.

Next weekend (6 July) the Network Basic Income (Netzwerk Grundeinkommen) will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Leipzig. You can find out more here (German).

The Pilot project Basic Income (Pilotprojekt Grundeinkommen) has completed its 3-year implementation phase in May. 122 people received a BI of monthly 1200 Euro and more than 1000 people participated in the control group. Now the data analysis has started and the results are planned to be published in January 2025. You can find out more here (German)

The Social Policy Initiative (SPI) has published a press statement on Youth Day (16 June) which marks 48 years since the Soweto uprising against Apartheid: ‘We the Youth are saying yes to universal basic income, jobs, and skills development’.

SPI has also published a Youth Month Special: ‘Youth Voices and Social Security Trends’. Several articles explain why UBI would be a big step forward for the youth and an enabler of township economy, job creation, and a tool for the creation of demand.

A proposed measure to create a universal basic income program which would put US $750 annually in the pocket of every resident of Oregon state, including children, has officially qualified to be put on the ballot in November 2024 elections. The initiative, Oregon Rebate, proposes to increase the minimum corporate tax rate for Oregon-based companies making more than $25 million per year in sales to 3 percent tax, whereas the current minimum sits under 1 percent.  You can find out more in the online Newsweek article by Giulia Carbonaro ‘Universal Basic Income is Close to Being a Reality in One State

Natalie Foster has written a book ‘The Guarantee: Inside the Fight for America’s Next Economy.’ The book explores what it would be like if all people in the USA were guaranteed housing, health care, a college education, dignified work, family care, an inheritance and a stable income. You can find out more here.

In solidarity and with hope

best wishes
reinhard on behalf of UBI Lab Leeds