12 Last Songs with UBI Lab Leeds

Posted on October 20, 2021

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A theatre company from Manchester, called Quarantine has contacted me. They are working on a new production that they will present with Transform Festival at Leeds Playhouse on October 23rd. The work is called 12 Last Songs and you can read more about it here.

12 Last Songs is a 12-hour long performance-exhibition. Through looking at the work that people do, they will construct a fleeting and shifting portrait of society. There are no actors – they have invited real people, real workers, to come into the space and talk about or demonstrate their work live in front of an audience. They will have a wide range of people join the performance over the course of the day from midday to midnight – a cleaner, a body builder, a barber, a dog groomer, a life model, a midwife, a portrait painter… etc.

The company wants to involve someone with an interest in a society where most work is done because of intrinsic motivation rather than money. They came across the UBI Lab Leeds and thought it was a good fit.

The producer has asked me to join the performance and talk about UBI Lab and our demand for a Universal Basic Income. Why do I as international public health expert and medical doctor spend my retirement time to promote Basic Income? On Saturday I will probably talk at around 6pm. If you are interested in the performance, you can book a ticket here. In case you have no time, you will find my presentation after the event here.