UK Basic Income Survey

Posted on July 1, 2020

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Basic Income Conversation and Organise have conducted a basic income survey as part of the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s consultation on the future of work.

Over 20,000 people in the UK have shared their stories of why we need a basic income in response to COVID19 and the ever changing world of work.

Here are the key findings of their responses:

80% of respondents stated they think the government should introduce a universal basic income in the UK, with a further 19% stating a UBI should be introduced at least temporarily.

58% of  respondents stated that their income has decreased as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

73% of respondents stated they do not believe their work will return to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

74% of respondents reported feeling worried about their future at work.

95% of respondents stated that receiving a basic income would allow them to feel more comfortable about re-entering education or training in a new skill to transition to the jobs of the future.

93% of respondents stated receiving a basic income would make them more likely to start their own business or project.

In partnership with UBI Lab Network an interactive map has been produced that shows what people would do with a basic income across the country!