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Posted on February 26, 2024

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Dear UBI Friends and Supporters,

We hope you are well. Please find below an update about UBI events for this and next month and interesting publications:


UBHypo with Simon Duffy from UBI Lab Network and Citizen Network

27th February 2024, 3pm-5pm (UK time)

Please sign up for the event here

 In this session, Simon Duffy from Citizen Network and UBI Lab Network will join us to talk about his history with personal budgets and self-directed care, the role of the organizations he’s involved in, why he campaigns for a UBI and the importance in the way we implement policies. Finally, we hope to get a fascinating insight into the debate between Universal Basic Services and Universal Basic Income and why they are in fact complementary ideas.

Dr Simon Duffy is a philosopher and social innovator based in Sheffield, UK, who works to create a world where everyone matters.

UBHypo with Vibhor Mathur from Bath University UBI Beacon and India Basic Income Network

21st March 3pm-5pm (UK time)

Please sign up for the event here

Vibhor Mathur is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Bath and a Research Associate at the University of Cardiff.

Vibhor studies the transformative potential of basic income through pilots and advocacy in South Asia and Europe. His doctoral research on the WorkFREE project in Hyderabad, India, focuses on the role basic income can play in the fight for dignity, freedom and decent work.

As a member of Bath University UBI Beacon, Vibhor will explain the impact of basic income programs on people’s lives, perceptions and relationships both in India and the UK, and how this knowledge can be used to advocate for basic income.

You can now watch the interesting recording of the UBI Lab Manchester event ‘Tackling Homelessness with Unconditional Cash Transfers(1hr 28mins).

In case you have missed the informative live session about the situation in low and middle-income countries ‘Pathways to building universal social protection floors: The gradual introduction of universal social security is feasible – and already happening!’, you can access the slide presentation and the webinar’s recording (1hr 29mins).

You can find a large number of video recordings about basic income on the YouTube website of ‘Attac AG Genug fuer Alle – Grundeinkommen’( Attac AG Enough for All – Basic Income). Most recordings are in German but a few are in English.

Eight BIEN podcasts (about 1 hour each) with prominent people of the UBI movement are now available on YouTube here.

BIEN member Malcolm Torry has written a book ‘Unconditional – Towards Unconditionality in Social Policy’ (Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03531 324 2 Extent: 284 pp.) The criterion of Unconditionality for Basic Income is probably the most controversial in public opinion.

The second edition of the ‘Palgrave International Handbook of Basic Income’ has been published.  The book edited by Malcolm Torry includes new chapters on peacebuilding, public health, pilot projects, and the history of basic income.

David Casassas argues in his book ‘Unconditional Freedom – Universal Basic Income and Social Power’, that a UBI would liberate us from the nightmares of social exclusion and precarious employment and increase our power as individuals and collectives and democratise our lives.

In May 2023, international academic and policy experts in social protection, economics, public health, history, and ethics gathered at the Brocher Foundation in Geneva to consider the potential for Universal Basic Income (UBI) to contribute to health equity. You can read their brief blog in the Journal of Medical Ethics: Health inequity is a problem, universal basic income could be a solution.

Several UK authors have published the blog ‘The health case for basic income – Can a universal benefit address poverty, reduce inequality and promote public health?’ They use UK datasets to model health and financial effects of a Universal Basic Income.

In solidarity and best wishes