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Posted on July 15, 2020

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The table below is a chronological presentation of articles, podcasts, webinars and other documents published on or related to the Basic Income. The list starts in 2013. These documents have been collected by the group. If you click on the title, you should get access to the document. I am grateful for any suggestions or comments: r.huss@posteo.net

No date Garden Mind: An eco-system view of change and a different role for the state/ Sue Gross/ Compass
15 Webinar: Basic Income and the Future of Work / Basic Income Conversation  
  Webinar: The Covid-19 crisis facing informal workers – what can be done? / Institute of Development Studies  
13 Super-rich call for higher taxes on wealthy to pay for Covid-19 recovery. Exclusive: Group of 83 wealthy individuals demands ‘immediate, substantial and permanent’ higher taxes ‘on people like us’ / Rupert Neate/ The Guardian
12 Webinar/ Community-based Global Basic Income: Can Cryptocurrencies Enable a Revolution in Poverty Reduction?/ UBIE
08 Why cross-party progressives must unite to build back better/ New Statesman
  Webinar: Diálogo: Actualidad y pertinencia de la Renta Básica Universal (Spanish, Latin America)
05 Webinar/ Finland’s basic income trial – failure or success?/ UBIE  
02 Webinar: Universal Basic Income and Christianity / Basic Income Conversation  
  Webinar: Defending the global commons in a COVID-19 world/ LSE  
01 Motion for Universal Basic Income before Council/ Newry.ie  
Undated Universal Basic Income could be the single most powerful tool to eliminate household food insecurity/ Food & Farming Futures
30 Basic Income Survey Map/ UBI Lab Network, Organise, Basic Income Conversation  
  110 MPs and Peers call on the Chancellor to introduce a Recovery Universal Basic Income (UBI) in response to the coronavirus crisis.  
29 Build Back Better Statement  
  Los Angeles, Atlanta Among Cities Joining Coalition To Test Universal Basic Income/ Forbes/ Rachel Sandler  
  Universal Credit sanctions will resume this week despite plea for £20 coronavirus payment to be made permanent/ Torcuil Crichton/ Daily Record  
  Webinar: The full monty: Facing up to the scale of the COVID-19 jobs crisis/ Resolution Foundation  
  Universal Basic Income – solution or illusion? – online DPAC meeting/ Disabled People against Cuts  
28 There’s another pandemic stalking Britain: hunger/ John Harris/ The Guardian  
  Just 6% of UK public ‘want a return to pre-pandemic economy’/ Kate Proctor/ The Guardian  
26 Panel discussion: Basic Income: Transforming Women’s Lives/ Basic Income UK  
25 MP Rowie Conan raised question on Basic Income with UK Government  
24 Book Presentation: The Case for a Job Guarantee/ Pavlina Tcherneva/ Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity  
23 Universal basic income a ‘very expensive’ distraction, says advisor to Sturgeon/ Alastair Grant/ The Herald  
22 Mining Lessons From Mongolia’s Many Revenue-Sharing Experiments / National Resource Governance Institute  
  The Great Pause Was an Economic Revolution/ Foreign Policy/  Bruno Maçães  
21 Webinar: The Future of Work / Panel Discussion/ UBIE  
  Nicola Sturgeon mocked for ‘eye-watering’ plan to hand every Scot £11,000 a year/ Richard Percival/ Express
19 Lib Dem leadership candidate Layla Moran behind book backing universal income/ The New European  
18 Radical proposals in Lib Dem policy review suggest shift to the left/ Peter Walker/ The Guardian  
17 Food Banks or Basic Income/ Simon Duffy  
16 Universal basic income: Next government commits to a pilot programme to trial it / thejournal.ie  
  We can’t afford a Universal Basic Income in Britain/ Tim Worstall/ The Times (pay barrier)  
  ‘Put money in pockets so our economy can survive’ As the coronavirus pandemic highlights the extent of inequalities in society, Cynon Valley MP Beth Winter here argues the case for a Universal Basic Income/ Beth Winter/ Western Mail  
15 ‘Protect the vulnerable’: Marcus Rashford’s emotional letter to MPs/ The Guardian  
  Video: How Much Tax Do The Rich Really Pay And Could They Pay More? /LSE and Podcast  
  To save the British economy, don’t just open shops – give people the cash to spend/ Simon Jenkins/ The Guardian  
  The Limits of Basic Income/ Paris Marx/ Tribune
14 Webinar: The Ethical Case for Basic Income in a Pandemic/ Guy Standing / Conway Hall  
  The Authoritarian Responses to Corona: Poland & Hungary/UBIE  
  Sudan to introduce direct cash payments to its neediest citizens/ Reuters
13 We must now push for a proper welfare state. We cannot allow the Labour Party to retreat — unions, along with unemployed and disability-rights groups, must push for a new benefits system now that Covid-19 has opened the door/ JYOTI WILKINSON  
12 The bold policies we need from Welsh Labour’s next manifesto/ Jack Sargeant  
  UK coronavirus: Matt Hancock not ruling out compulsory cooperation with test and trace system – as it happened/ Andrew Sparrow/ The Guardian  
11 Feasibility report of a Citizens’ Basic Income (CBI) pilot in Scotland  
  Citizen’s basic income: Pilot scheme ‘challenging but desirable’ / BBC News  
  Nicola Sturgeon urged to start ‘world leading’ Scottish UBI pilot/ Kathleen Nutt/ The National  
  Greens call for Scotland to be ‘world-leading’ with Universal Basic Income/ Ross Crae/ Sunday Post  
  Citizen’s basic income: Pilot scheme ‘challenging but desirable’/ BBC News  
  Backing for £200m pilot of citizens income/ Tom Gordon/ The Herald  
  Scottish public sector partners report on feasibility of basic income pilot/ Scottish Housing News  
  Universal basic income scheme ‘desirable but challenging’. The Scottish Government provided £250,000 to support the feasibility work in Scotland./ STV News  
  Our Statement: Now is the Time for a Scottish Basic Income/ CBINS  
  Baroness Bennett (Green Party)  in House of Lords on Universal Basic Income (13:34:40) / Parliamentlive.tv  
  Moving closer to a basic income pilot/ Cleo Goodman/ LGiU  
  Working-age Adults could get £11k a year in basic income trial/ Greig Cameron/ The Times (Pay Barrier)  
  Thousands of people in Cardiff could be given £100 a week in universal basic income pilot. Campaigners are calling for Cardiff to be chosen as a city for a future universal basic income pilot Share/ WalesOnline  
  CWiPP lecture: Is the wellbeing economy an agenda whose time has come?/ Katherine Trebeck  
10 FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon challenges Willie Rennie over UBI hypocrisy/ Laura Webster/ The National  
  8 ideas for a new social contract for good work/ Allan Lockey, Fabian Wallace-Stephens/ RSA  
09 Has coronavirus changed the basic income debate? BBC News  
  Universal Basic Income Is Key to U.K. Recovery, Think Tank Says/ Lucy Meakin/ Bloomberg  
08 A huge week for Basic Income / Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland  
  Black Lives Matter: Statement from RSA US / RSA   
  Basic Income Explained (Video, 11 minutes)  
07 Scotland may have to scale back flagship Universal Basic Income scheme/ The Scotsman/ Scot MacNab  
06 We don’t just need a Universal Basic Income, we need a Universal Basic Services System. Here’s what it would look like./ Tom Rogers/ Evolve Politics  
  On-line discussion: COVID-19 and Facing up to Climate Reality, With John Barry, Anne Chapman, John Foster, Reinhard Loske. Green House Think Tank.  
05 The Time Is Now/ Jonny Ross-Tatam/ UBI Lab Leeds (Video, 5 minutes)  
  The time for a Universal Basic Income is ripe/ Eve Poole/ Church Times  
  Q&A: COVID-19 and global perspectives on universal basic income/ IPR / University of Bath  
  Exclusive: Welfare should reflect ‘what you put in’ to tackle public mistrust, says Labour’s shadow DWP secretary/ Jonathan Reynolds/ The House  
04 Is Basic Income essential to the Good Life? / Simon Duffy/ Festival of Debate (Video)  
03 Spain rekindles a radical idea: a Europe-wide minimum income /Ashifa Kassam/ The Guardian  
  The Unheard Results of The Finnish Basic Income Experiment  
02 Coronavirus has united left and right on universal basic income/ Philip Aldrick/ The Times (pay barrier!)  
31 Universal Basic Income could make Scotland a world leader/ Greg Russell/ The National  
  A universal income of £200 per week is entirely affordable/ By readers of The National  
29 Finland trial on BBC World News / Neil Howard  
  Spain approves national minimum income scheme/ Kate Ng/ Independent  
28 Sheffield: A city of citizens/ Simon Duffy / Centre for Welfare Reforms  
  Basic Income as an answer to Poverty/ Stewart Lansley  
  It’s Bloody Complicated – A Compass Podcast 10: Universal Basic Income – In Conversation with Guy Standing  
  This $1000-a-month universal basic income program is designed to help foster youth survive California’s Santa Clara County will start giving cash to people transitioning out of foster care $1,000 a month to help them meet adulthood and its financial challenges—and hopefully serve as a gateway to a larger UBI program./ Fast Company  
27 Furlough scheme strengthens case for universal basic income, says Institute of Economic Affairs  
  COVID-19 and global perspectives on universal basic income/ Institute for Policy Research/ University of Bath  
  The safety net in action? Universal Credit’s role in the crisis and the recovery  
  Universal Basic Income Is The Way Forward. Scepticism is misplaced – UBI would offer a lifeline to those worst affected by the Covid-19-induced economic slump, writes Steve Jeffels./ Huffington Post  
26 C-19: Redefining the state of welfare? / Institute of Economic Affairs/ Stephen Davies  
  Hawaii Considers an Explicitly Feminist Plan for COVID-Era Economic Recovery/ Mara Dolan/ Truthout  
25 This is why we’re proposing a wealth tax in Spain to help us out of this crisis  
  The Vote with Mark Walker – Universal Basic Income, Richard High and Maggie Gordon-Walk (Video)  
23 Coronavirus comment: Basic Income – Scotland’s chance to thrive, not simply survive  
  Poverty kills, but could universal basic income be the cure?
21 Virus highlights need for radical change with Universal Basic Income  
  Why you can’t have universal basic income, by Rishi Sunak  
  Webinar Panel Discussion: The hidden rise (and fall?) of the Top 1%/ Resolution Foundation
  Political Economy and Democratic Capacity to Respond to Pandemics/ Thomas Pepinsky/ Social Science Research Council  
20 Guy Standing on how lockdowns make the case for a basic income  
  What a DEEP recession will look like – Dr. Simon Duffy on RT TV  
  Opinion: Iain Macwhirter: Why Universal Basic Income would mean universal basic poverty
  Universal Basic Income is gathering support. Has it ever worked – and could it work in the UK? / National Geographic/ Dominic Bliss  
18 Coronavirus: Spain set for basic income to ease crisis pain  
17 Basic Income, gender equality and women’s empowerment  
  UBI information briefing from the UBI Lab Network
16 ‘It’s disorienting’: former Glasgow MP left claiming universal credit  
  Support for SNP’s plan to consider UBI in independence blueprint
15 The Universal Basic Income’s time has come – Ewan Aitken  
  SNP to consider UBI in bid to build a fairer independent Scotland
14 DWP’s preparations for changes in the world of work – Inquiry. You can submit evidence until Monday 29 June 2020!  
  ‘A more positive future’ – Green councillor calls for UBI to aid virus economic bounceback  
  Universal Basic Income: the scheme where the Government would give you free money every month  
  Inequalities in the twenty-first century: introducing the IFS Deaton Review
  An appeal for practical social justice in the COVID-19 global response in low-income and middle-income countries/ The Lancet Global Health  
13 Campaigners call for emergency cash boost to prevent child poverty crisis  
  The Conservatives have overlooked the simplest, fairest and most logical economic solution to the immediate problem  
  Urgent Universal Basic Income, a four-day week and a well-being economy – Future Generations Commissioner’s plan to reshape Wales after coronavirus  
  Putting the Cat Back in the Bag  
  A Universal Basic Income to safeguard our future  
  ECLAC proposes a basic income to help most vulnerable population overcome the COVID19’s effects  
12 Brighton and Hove council is the first to debate trialling Universal Basic Income  
  Time to look anew at the merits of a Universal Basic Income  
11 Our recovery from this crisis must put people and environment ahead of economic growth  
  Congresistas proponen pagar renta mínima a 34 millones de personas  
10 Webinar Basic Income Tea: Cash-for-Corona in Spain  
  COVID-19 and Basic Income | BIEN Conversations  
  Greens reiterate calls for Universal Basic Income – UK Green news round up issue 59  
  Maajid Nawaz: Universal basic income is next step for UK after Covid-19  
  Labour should back recovery universal basic income, say LabourList readers  
  Britons want quality of life indicators to take priority over economy
08 Labour’s failure to embrace UBI shows they haven’t grasped the scale of the crisis  
  Democratic senators propose $2,000 monthly payments to most Americans  
07 Basic income: Finland’s final verdict  
  Finnish basic income pilot improved wellbeing, study finds  
  Universal basic income improves well-being and encourages work, study finds  
  BIEN Conversations – why critical debate is more important than ever  
  Unpacking the COVID mortality data: what does it tell us about lockdown?
06 Final results of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment 2017-2018  
  Press release Results of the basic income experiment: small employment effects, better perceived economic security and mental wellbeing  
  A better world can emerge after coronavirus. Or a much worse one  
  Coronavirus is a crisis for the developing world, but here’s why it needn’t be a catastrophe A radical new form of universal basic income could revitalise damaged economies, Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee won the 2019 Nobel prize in economics for their work on poverty alleviation  
  Free money makes people happy! Basic income improves people’s mental well-being but is ‘unsustainable’, Finnish trial finds  
  Universal Basic Income should be ‘seriously considered’ to help economy recover post-lockdown  
  How We Live Next: Is UBI really fair or feasible?  
  Agenda: Universal Basic Income could save arts sector  
05 Sadiq Khan backs post-crisis universal basic income to aid recovery  
  Building the foundations for a fairer future – Jamie explores basic income as a cornerstone of a revamped social contract in Scotland after COVID-19.  
  ‘Time has come’ for universal basic income, says Sturgeon  
  How to get $200 billion for COVID-19 relief — at no cost to taxpayers  
04 Universal basic income could help end the lockdown and create a more resilient society  
  The case for Universal Basic Income after Covid-19  
  How to help the poorest through the lockdowns/ Financial Times, Pay Barrier!
03 No child should go hungry in this crisis for want of school meals  
  Britain Is Ready for Radical Policies – But the Labour Party Isn’t  
  Why universal basic income could help us fight the next wave of economic shocks  
  Quakers join calls for a liveable income for all  
  Basic Income Tea – Spotlight UK – Video
02 Mhairi Black: We need a universal basic income to solve this crisis  
  Sadiq Khan: Now we must ask what kind of future we want  
  Coronavirus and Universal Basic Income: Inoculating against the virus of insecurity
01 Labour turns to pragmatism for new era’s challenging start  
  Moran makes UBI political priority  
  Supporting children through the pandemic: why we need a Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme  
  Call to give every Birmingham person up to £150 a week in ‘basic income’ trial
No date Meeting the Economic and Livelihood Crisis: From a Recovery Basic Income to a Permanent Income Floor  
  Towards a Good Society/ Ruth Lister/ Compass
  Is Universal Basic Income Christian? / Catholic Online
30 Webinar: Resolution Foundation An economic battleplan Assessing the design and delivery of Britain’s COVID-19 response  
  Universal basic income could help end the lockdown and create a more resilient society  
29 Evaluation of a Recovery Basic Income, and of a sustainable revenue neutral Citizen’s Basic Income, with an appendix relating to different Universal Credit roll-out scenarios (UK)  
  Public support universal basic income, job guarantee and rent controls to respond to coronavirus pandemic, poll finds  
  Question of the day: Universal basic income or a job guarantee?  
  Labour cannot afford to be outflanked on universal basic income  
  Nicola Sturgeon to press Boris Johnson on universal basic income  
  Beyond the Lockdown: A proposal for a Recovery Universal Basic Income during COVID-19
28 UBI Lab Interview on James O’Brien – LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation)  
  Schub furs Grundeinkommen (German petition)  
  World Bank Webinar – Coronavirus Live Series: How Can We Sustain Jobs and Provide a Safety Net for Those Most in Need? A conversation with Michal Rutkowski  
  Universal Credit has never been enough to support families – we need a universal basic income  
  Fresh hope for Universal Basic Income trial in Hull as councillors launch ‘UBI lab’  
  Imagining another world: Why PSC is calling for a #JustRecovery to the COVID-19 crisis  
27 Why giving everyone in Yorkshire a universal basic income could help region – and country – recover from pandemic  
  Universal basic income could improve the nation’s mental health  
  Pelosi: Time to consider providing ‘guaranteed income’
26 Webinar Basic Income Tea: Has the EU shown solidarity in the Corona crisis?
23 Out of the Pandemic: Reverse the Plunder of the Commons/Guy Standing/OECD  
  SNP likes Basic Citizens Income idea even though it would mean huge tax hike – John McLellan A Universal Basic Income or Basic Citizens Income simply does not add up, whatever you call it, writes John McLellan.  
  Digital cash issued centrally ‘would help in crises like coronavirus pandemic’  
  Project Syndicate economists: A basic income could be the best way to tackle inequality
22 Is it time for a Universal Basic Income? Example (10 mins) from talkRadio, how to promote a neo-liberal version of a basic income, make unfounded statements and promote prejudices without evidence. The respondent Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, states that UBI is only affordable when free education and health service is replaced by UBI. Contrary to the facts he states that there have been many trials of UBI referring to Finland which was not a full and real UBI. He also states that people do not work with a basic income without providing any evidence. It is a good training session which can prepare you for a discussion where lots of prejudices about UBI and the promotion of the neo-liberal UBI version are presented.   
  Labour rejects idea of universal basic income during Covid-19 crisis  
  Cash-for-corona: No Basic Income in Spain yet
  MPs and Peers demand government introduce ’emergency’ Universal Basic Income/ Left Foot Forward, Josiah Mortimer  
  Santa Clara County: basic income pilot, Civic Center homeless housing plans move forward/ Katie Lauer  
  Gordon Brown: “The solution to this crisis is still global” The former prime minister talks to Stephen Bush about economic crises, the retreat from globalisation and the most urgent priorities for fighting Covid-19.  
  WHATEVER IT TAKES More than 100 MPs demand universal basic income after lockdown/ The Sun  
21 Northern mayors call for economic rethink after coronavirus/ Guardian: no mention of UBI!
  COVID-19: Brazil implements basic income policy following massive civil society campaign  
  ANC and Alliance partners punt a basic income grant for unemployed and informal workers
20 Le revenu universel inconditionnel plébiscité en Europe/ The Conversation  
  Philip Pullman: ‘It’s all got to change’, The Covid-19 crisis should lead to a radical reform of our political system, argues the author of His Dark Materials.  
  Universal Basic Income as a Crisis Response to the Novel Coronavirus/ Centre for Study of Governance & Society  
  A Universal Basic Income is Essential and Will Work/ Ellen Brown (different but linked article to book)  
  From basic income to fiscal stimuli: The COVID-19 response may see an economic paradigm shift/ Institute for Policy Research
19 A Universal Basic Income is Essential and Will Work/ Ellen Brown  
  Velshi: Universal basic income is the solution to job loss  
  Entering the Mainstream: UBI/ Institute for the Future of Work
18 What history can teach us about building a fairer society after coronavirus/ Guardian/ Richard Power Sayeed
  Organizing for the Future Beyond the Coronacrisis: A UK Perspective/ Neil Howard
17 Coronavirus: Only 9% of Britons want life to return to ‘normal’ once lockdown is over – People have noticed significant changes during the lockdown, including cleaner air, more wildlife and stronger communities.  
  Basic Income in Scotland: A Grassroots View / Green European Journal/ Jack Perry  
  Universal basic income is the answer to the inequalities exposed by COVID-19  
  COVID-19 stimulus checks put universal basic income back in the conversation. Is it an ethical option? Religion scholars disagree on whether universal basic income is compatible with Christian teachings / Deseret News
16 Japan makes coronavirus emergency nationwide as Abe plans cash payouts for all  
  The coronavirus crisis could pave the way to universal basic income  
  A Universal Basic Income will help to renew society, as well as the economy/ Patrick Brown/ Northern Slant  
15 Covid-19 has changed my thinking on universal basic income/ New Statesman  
  We scientists said lock down. But UK politicians refused to listen  
  Despite the Government’s measures, we still need an Emergency UBI  
14 Debt, Bullshit Jobs and Political Self-Organisation | DiEM25 TV | David Graeber and Maja Kantar  
  Has the furlough scheme removed the incentive to work?/ Spectator / Robert Peston 
13 Coronavirus has shown us why we urgently need to make a basic income a reality/ World Economic Forum, Guy Standing  
  Bright Blue Scotland: Scots support more generous and devolved social security system, but support for alternative policies high
12 In Easter message, Pope Francis proposes universal basic income  
  What did Pope Francis mean on Easter Day 2020?  
  Mid-Covid, Universal Basic Income now doesn’t look idealistic, but realistic. Some concrete moves this week  
  Les présidents socialistes de 19 départements, dont certains d’Occitanie, demandent un revenu universel  
10 One For All: The Case for a Basic Income Guarantee  
  Oxfam calls for $1 trillion of global money creation in order to provide cash transfers for everyone who needs them  
09 Campaigners urge council to offer to pilot ‘basic income’ trial  
  What a Solidarity Economy Looks Like – Despite President Bolsonaro’s COVID-19 denialism, a small Brazilian city has one of the most ambitious responses in the world.  
  Cash-for-corona: why the current policy proposal being discussed in Spain has nothing to do with a universal basic income  
07 UK workers hit by the economic pain of coronavirus need an income guarantee – A minimum income standard is more feasible than universal basic income – and could become a lasting safety net  
  COVID-19, The Black Death and Basic Income  
06 Ian Blackford calls for guaranteed income amid coronavirus crisis  
  UBI now FFS  
05 Virus lays bare the frailty of the social contract/ FINANZ.DK (via Financial Times)  
04 After Coronavirus: “We can’t go back to business as usual”  
03 The Great Pause – The coronavirus has brought our economy to a standstill. But instead of rebuilding a broken system, we must explore how we can build back better.  
01 The vulnerable people who say they are not getting the food they were promised by the government/ Channel 4 News  
  Universal basic income can only be a sticking plaster – it won’t heal our sick economy/ Vince Cable  
28 UK’s Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s current contributions to the coronavirus /Basic Income debate  
  Lancet Editorial: COVID 19 learning from experience  
26 UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in an interview (4 or 11 minutes)  about the global COVID 19 situation  
  Plaid Cymru calls for Universal Basic Income  
  Universal basic income is the best way to help the self-employed/Owen Jones  
25 Open Letter: the UK needs a Universal Basic Income published in Open Democracy  
  Caroline Lucas MP talks about the necessity of Basic Income  
24 Universal Basic Income: Alaska Style BBC Radio 4
  23   COVID-19 – the social science response to the pandemic/ Institute of Development Studies (IDS)  
22 To get through coronavirus lockdown, we need basic income  
21 Unconditional Basic Income Europe has started a petition  
  One California mayor has tried universal basic income. His advice for Trump: “Think big”  
  Getting basic income done  
20 MP Sobel interview on Channel 4 News  
  Why we need helicopter money/ Norman Lamont  
  America is in a crisis. We need universal basic income now/ Karl Widerquist  
19 8 Measures the government must take to save the economy from coronavirus/ Prem Sikka  
  Calls for UK basic income payment to cushion coronavirus impact  
  Why the Lib Dems need to lead the charge for # EmergencyUBI / Jack Haines  
  Insecurity and poverty have left openings in our society that the #coronavirus can exploit. We need a #UniversalBasicIncome not just for the coming months, but permanently/ Natalie Bennett in House of Lords  
18 Why more than 500 political figures and academics globally have called for universal basic income in the fight against coronavirus  
  Coronavirus and a temporary UBI: RSA statement
  38 Degrees Petition: To Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak: Coronavirus: A temporary universal basic income for everyone  
17 Rotors spinning for ‘helicopter money’/ Mike Dolan   
16 Petition UK Government and Parliament: Implement Universal Basic Income to give home & food security through COVID-19  
  Early Day Motion House of Commons
10 Change.Org petition: The Covid19 crisis has shown why we need to trial a UBI – An open letter to the Chancellor  
01 Question: Would Universal Basic Income work in the UK? / TALKRadio/Michael Pugh discusses Basic Income on TALKRadio with Alexis Conran
28 Is basic income a good idea? Here’s what the evidence from around the world says/ Marcia Gibson  
19 Everywhere basic income has been tried, in one map/ Sigal Samuel  
No date What counts as basic? A new angle on the services / cash transfers debate/ Will Stronge  
30 Universal basic income ‘experts’ answer your 15 most-asked questions and ‘bust the myths’  
13 ‘Universal Basic Income could transform Hull,’ says Liberal Democrat councillor
No date Is UBI consistent with the goals of the Independent Living Movement?  
/12 The UBI Maze/ A review essay/ David Frayne  
12/11 A radically different social security system – How we can start to rebuild the incomes of the UK’s lowest paid families  
06/10 The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You  
12/09 Introducing: The UBIcalculator! (For USA)  
18/07 Good New Idea: John Lanchester makes the case for Universal Basic Income  
06/05 Universal basic income doesn’t work. Let’s boost the public realm instead/ Anna Coote/ The Guardian  
11/04 How to one-up the universal basic income/ Nick Dowson/ New Internationalist  
02/03 Ensure a minimum income for all/ Ram Singh/ The Hindu  
/01 Basic ncome for All: From Desirability to Feasibility  
/12 Reimagining Social Protection/ New systems that do not rely on standard employment contracts are needed/ Michal Rutkowski  
14/08 Why universal basic income costs far less than you think  
21/06 Solution or illusion? – the implications of Universal Basic Income for Disabled people in Britain/ Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)  
15/06 Why we need big ideas to solve UK poverty/ Claire Ainsley /Joseph Rowntree Foundation  
25/04 Universal Basic Income – not the answer to poverty/ Chris Goulden/ Joseph Rowntree Foundation  
07/07 The Cost of Universal Basic Income is the Net Transfer Amount, Not the Gross Price Tag – Why every estimate of UBI that simply multiplies the number of recipients by the amount received is simply wrong/ Scott Santens
03/08 Black Lives Matter’s first official platform endorses universal basic income /Chris Weller / Tech Insider  
23/02 Replace ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) With Basic Income Plus  
17/02 How I learnt to stop worrying and love Basic Income  
22/11 Wouldn’t Unconditional Basic Income Just Cause Massive Inflation?
01/04 The spark of hope / George Monbiot