UBI can help to fight the COVID 19 pandemic

Posted on March 18, 2020

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The Universal Basic Income (UBI) will not only be an important tool to fight the COVID 19 pandemic, but it will also help as a new institution to create more resilient people, communities and societies. Unfortunately we can expect more environmental dangers due to climate change. We can prevent some environmental dangers, e.g. floods and droughts, turning into major disasters for people, if every person receives a UBI. Moreover it will also help to reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters, if they cannot be prevented.

What can you do?

If you want the UK government to implement an immediate Universal Basic Income trial for all UK residents to ensure home and food security through the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis, to support the needs of those that need to self-isolate as well as the public health at large, and the wider economy, please sign the GOV.UK petition here.

If you want your MP and other MPs to support a UBI trial, please check the Early Day Motion “That this House calls on the Government to introduce a temporary universal basic income or an emergency measure to help freelancers and the self-employed effected by the covid-19 outbreak” here. If your local MP or other MPs you know, have not signed yet, please contact them and ask for their support.

If you think that the leaders and organisations of our world such as the United Nations (UN) should take action and introduce a UBI at the global level to fight the COVID 19 pandemic, please read the international open letter here and consider whether you want to sign and share on social media.

Thank you, the UBI Lab UK Network and UBI Lab Leeds