UBI and Cryptocurrencies

Posted on November 30, 2020

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During our last UBI Lab Leeds meeting in November Daniel Mermelstein presented “UBI and crypto currencies: marriages made in heaven or hellish union?” This was followed by an interesting discussion about the topic.

Daniel is a technical architect and cloud infrastructure consultant. He has a longstanding interest in crypto currencies and blockchain technology. He is the creator of multiple blockchain ventures, all of which have failed miserably but have been great fun to work on. He is also a great believer in basic income and volunteers for the citizen’s basic income trust.

Our topic relates to actual basic income experiments where basic income is provided as local currency in order to support the local economy. Two examples are Gyeonggi province in South Korea and Maricá, a coastal town in Brazil.  A Crypto currency can be used as a local currency.

You can watch presentation and discussion here.