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Posted on October 12, 2020

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13 October 2020, 18-20 hrs, Online

Invitation to Zoom meeting.

Time:  October 13, 2020 06:00 PM

Our draft agenda:

  1. Celebration and thank you to Leeds City Councillors for passing motion on 16 September calling for UBI trial with external funding in the city.

Our supporter Remco Peters has written a good article in Yorkshire Bylines on this achievement ‘Let’s make universal basic income our generation’s NHS’.

2. Lib Dem Councillor Jonathan Bentley who introduced UBI motion at Leeds City Council will talk about Council process and some insights, tactically, on how to get UBI motion through a local council


3. Cross-Party Parliamentary and Local Government Working Group on UBI (CPPLG) has been set up by Compass and UBI Lab Network.

CPPLG has decided to send a letter to Rishi Sunak in a few weeks calling on him (and DWP and HMRC) to cooperate with any local authorities that want to run UBI pilots, as well as the Scottish and Welsh governments. We need to convince our local councillors and other politicians from Leeds and West Yorkshire to sign the letter and join the group.

4. What else can our group do to support the Leeds council motion and convince national government to support a local trial?  E.g. Open letter of civil society members to Chancellor, other ideas

5. Draft UBI Lab Leeds Constitution for discussion and approval – Reason: We need a constitution, if we want to open a bank account as an organisation and secure external funding.

You can find the draft here which we will discuss during our meeting.

6. Any other issue

If you have any other important issue that you want to discuss during our meeting, please send an email to or mention it at the beginning of our meeting.

Thank you, keep safe and best wishes reinhard (Organiser for UBI Lab Leeds)