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Posted on November 25, 2020

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8 December 2020, 18-20 hrs, Online

Invitation to Zoom meeting.

Time:  December 08, 2020 06:00 PM

Our proposed agenda:

European Citizens´Initiative ‘Unconditional basic Income UBI 2020/2021

You can find the websites of the different national support groups here. If you know EU citizens who live in the UK, please invite them to join the meeting. They will find out how they can sign the initiative and help to reach 1 million signatures by 25th September 2021.


Klaus Sambor is a Qualified Engineer. After his retirement he participated in the working group Basic Income of the international civil society organisation ATTAC in Austria (, ). At the same time he has been active in the civil society organisation “European Sustainable Development” and was its General Secretary for several years. Then he has become a board member of the “Initiative Zivilgesellschaft” ( ). He is also engaged in “Runden Tisch Grundeinkommen” and “Netzwerk Grundeinkommen und sozialer Zusammenhalt” ( ). He is one of the organisers and the representative of the European Citizens’ Initiative for an unconditional basic income.

Other topics on our Agenda:

If you have any other important issue that you want to discuss during our meeting, please send an email to or mention it at the beginning of our meeting.

Thank you, keep safe and best wishes reinhard (Organiser for UBI Lab Leeds)