July UBI updates and events

Posted on July 17, 2023

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Dear UBI Friends and Supporters,

Please find below the monthly update about UBI events and publications:

The line-up of excellent speakers include CIVIC SQUARE co-founder Immy Kaur, inequality expert and co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’  Kate Pickett, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and US crowd-funded, basic income advocate Scott Santens.

The event will be held online due to railway strikes on the same day. You can find the full schedule with all speakers andbook your placeto attend online here.

When: Thursday 20th July, 13:15-16:45hrs BST.

Campaigners, academics and politicians will discuss an unconditional income for every citizen in the north. You can read more about this radical yet simple idea to transform the north of England in Now Then magazine.

Mumbuca – A people’s fintech in Brazil’ provides a detailed description and analysis of the Basic Income approach in Maricá.

A document of the Commons Network explores the potential of Community Wealth Building with local complementary currencies: A New Strategy to Keep Money Local .

Linked to the topic you may want to read: Richard Branson: Universal Basic Income Will Protect Us From the Threat of AI – The billionaire entrepreneur further explains his support of a societal safety net. My question: Will Mr Branson not only ‘talk the talk but also walk the walk’ and put some of his wealth into a Commons Wealth Fund to help financing a Basic Income?

If you want to understand why a person is not claiming Universal Credit, you may want to read ‘I like to think I’m a capable person, but even I can’t navigate Britain’s benefits system’. An interesting story of a woman from the North of Britain!

The video ‘Why is it so hard to escape poverty?’ (5 min) explains the poverty trap of Universal Credit and how UBI would encourage recipients to work.

Best wishes,      

reinhard on behalf of UBI Lab Leeds