January UBI events and updates

Posted on January 29, 2024

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We hope you had a good start into 2024. Please find below our January update about UBI events for this and next month and interesting publications:

When? Next week 31 January at 2-3.30pm UK time



GEOFF CROCKER | UK |Author of “The Case for Basic Income”

CHRIS THOUNG | UK | Director of Cambridge Econometrics

SCOTT SANTENS | Washington DC | Founder and President of ITSA Foundation

and author of “Let There Be Money”

JIŘÍ ŠVARC | Brussels |European Commission |Head of Unit of DG Employment,

Social Affairs and Inclusion 

The link to join the webinar is https://europeanparliament.webex.com/europeanparliament/j.php?MTID=m4e49dbc5ff7d991a65c8898e4abb5f78

When? Thursday, 22 February 2024 at 6:30-8 pm UK time

UBI Lab Manchester invites to an online discussion with three eminent speakers about unconditional cash transfers and homelessness:

Frances Darlington-Pollock CEO of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity will open with an overview of the present homelessness situation across Greater Manchester

Mark Donovan Founder & Executive Director of the Denver Basic Income Project will tell us about the exciting interim results in Denver where homeless people are making great changes in their lives thanks to regular cash pay-outs

Jonathan Tan Co-Founder & CEO of Greater Change will outline the success his organisation has had in giving out one-off payments to people who are homeless in Oxford and London

One important reason for this webinar: Despite the valiant efforts of many individuals and organisations, the rate of homelessness in Greater Manchester is still increasing.

A study by Shelter published in January 2023 stated that the three local authorities with the worst homelessness rate in the North West were all within Greater Manchester: Manchester, Salford and Oldham.  Both the total number of homeless people and the rate of homelessness in Manchester have been steadily increasing over the last five years, according to Shelter’s annual reports – despite homelessness prevention schemes by local authorities like Manchester City Council.

Please sign up at https://actionnetwork.org/events/tackling-homelessness-with-unconditional-cash-transfers to find out how to change the approach to solving homelessness.

Overall it is a good article about the pilot and BI in general. Unfortunately it is hidden behind a pay wall and the journalist does not understand that a scientific pilot has to select participants by chance and not according to needs.
There is a misleading survey question in the middle of the article ‘Do you think universal basic income schemes are a good use of taxpayer money?’ I call it misleading, because a true universal BI is not using money (as for education or health services) but just redistributing taxpayer money in society. This is an important difference which unfortunately many people do not understand. It is often used as a cost argument against a universal BI.

Living Free: Gavin Fischer investigates the most generous trial yet of a basic income – almost £20,000 a year to all 18 year olds leaving the child care system in Wales. How well is it working? (28 mins). It is a powerful documentary featuring a care-experienced young person who is part of the trial.

Sarah Austin and Josie Phillips have published a study on the ‘FEASIBILITY AND IMPACT OF GUARANTEED INCOME IN MAINE’ .

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis have published a report ‘One year of basic income in Minneapolis – Experimental findings show how a stable source of income helps households’.

The Urban Institute (Washington) has published its 12-month findings for the Austin Guaranteed Income Pilot in Texas: Evaluating the Austin Guaranteed Income Pilot.

The web news npr reports about the experiment giving villagers a Basic Income for 2 years or alternatively the same amount as just one lump-sum or receiving the BI over a period of 12 years: ‘It’s one of the biggest experiments in fighting global poverty. Now the results are in

Peace for All and best wishes for the year 2024

reinhard on behalf of UBI Lab Leeds