How to pass a local UBI council motion

Posted on October 23, 2020

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In case you want your local council to pass a UBI Motion, please consider the following steps:

1) Set up a local UBI Lab group and join the UBI Lab Network for support.

2) Ask local councillors from different political parties to support and advise your group.

3) Mobilise local citizens and civil society groups to support UBI and write to their councillors.

4) Start a local e-petition, if applicable, as was done in Brighton and Hove.

5) Consider the specific local political context! In one of our UBI Lab Leeds meetings, Cllr Jonathan Bentley (Passcode: ky52A@?A  ) from the LibDem party explained how you can successfully introduce a UBI motion in the council as a minority political party .

6) You may want to learn from the successful experience of the UBI Lab Sheffield.

Good luck!