Final results of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment 2017-2018

Posted on October 25, 2020

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The Finnish Basic Income Experiment was the world’s first statutory, nationwide and randomized basic income experiment.
How did the Basic Income Experiment affect participants’ employment? What were the effects on health, livelihoods and experiences of government bureaucracy? In interviews, how do the participants perceive the significance of the experiment in their lives?

The final results of the basic income experiment have been released. In the webinar, in Finnish first and then in English, the researchers present the findings of the basic income experiment on the employment and well-being of the participants.

You can also read the English press release here.

You may be interested in van Parijs’ (BIEN cofounder) comment about the Finnish study.

Another interesting and informative analysis of the study ‘An experiment to inform universal basic income‘ has been published on the website of McKinsey&Company. The article states that the actual body of quantitative evidence on basic income is slim and such studies are very much needed. The authors stress the important positive effect of recipients of basic income on trust in people and societal institutions.

Here are two newspaper articles about the same Finnish study with very different interpretations of the evidence! One is from The Guardian: Finnish basic income pilot improved wellbeing, study finds and the other from the Daily Mail: Free money makes people happy! Basic income improves people’s mental well-being but is ‘unsustainable’, Finnish trial finds

I (R Huss) find it very interesting that the criticism of “Free Money” is hardly ever mentioned in relation to the inheritance of huge amounts of wealth in our societies!